I’m Suzanne Bellsnyder, a small-town newspaper editor who started this Sustack, the Texas Rural Reporter, in 2023 to give a stronger voice to rural Texas. I grew up in an agricultural family in rural Texas. After college, I worked in the Texas Capitol and in and around Texas politics for 20 years. I escaped the hustle and bustle of the city and moved my family back home to the Texas Panhandle, where I now live. Through the lens of my experience in Austin and my roots in the Texas Panhandle, I am able to share with you my thoughts about politics from the Rural Texas experience. I hope you will support this project by subscribing and share the work we do.

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The Texas Rural Reporter provides commentary, research and news content on the politics of healthcare, education, culture, and economic development and it's written by a rural Texan who is living, working, and thriving in rural Texas.


I was born & raised in Hansford County & spent 20 years working in the Texas Capitol. Now, as a small business owner living, working, and raising a family in the Panhandle, I started the Texas Rural Reporter to give a stronger voice to rural Texas.